Under The Skin

by Nichole ALDEN

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released September 1, 2001

“Under the Skin” was produced by Nichole Alden with the help of Jason “Underscore” Ruder at Vintage Studios (Santa Monica, CA), Matt Thorne at MT Studios (Burbank, CA), and Marc Regan at Precision Mastering (Los Angeles, CA).

*Guitar and bass performed by Dave Clark
*Drums and percussion by David Eagle
*Cello (on “How Quickly We Become” and “Paris”)
performed by Jan Kelley
*String arrangements by Nichole Alden
*Additional guitars on “Sent Away” by Michael Raphael

Graphic Design for CD booklet by Chris Camera
Photography by Paula Fonseca



all rights reserved


Nichole ALDEN Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: How Quickly We Become
how quickly we become our shadows dance they know the song

how frightened we become a chill in the air where once was warm
a tired good-bye without the sun from these dreams i awaken one by one

in days this will pass we will carry on lost nothing but hope to the splintering dawn

and we can pretend that nothing is gone but the longing remains a voice in a song

how gentle hours they pass i've knelt on the floor i've stepped on the glass

mere bleeding can't stop the furious wrath of a hand that holds love yet fingers can't grasp
Track Name: Are You With Me
too cold to call too high to fall too young to freeze in rivers like these too guilty for sin too much sun coming in too tired to draw the curtains just enough to draw our guns

do i give enough? are you with me?

we give each other pleasure we wind around the curves we spill sometimes when we don't pay attention and when we're holding back we don't know how much too give up it seems like sometimes we've lost our direction

do i give enough? are you with me?

too hot to heal too low to feel too old to burn into flames like these too wasted from the time we've made it here somehow we've made it without love, together, are you with me?

do i give enough? are you with me? are you giving up? are you with me?
Track Name: For Free
well, i've been lost and i've been a stranger in my own skin for some time and i can't count for you the lives that have come through this soul there's no danger in accepting uncertainty still i know you fear for me you say if i keep giving for free who's gonna buy

i can be the teacher and also learn the lesson i can toss the details but i can get lost in them too sometimes i know black from white but i'm still discovering gray and i know you're just like me you're just like me giving for free who's gonna buy

i've been without grace and i watched you get it back for me have i all this time been standing here waiting? seems such a simple thing not to let it go so easily but sometimes you're taking when you're giving when you're giving for free who's gonna buy
Track Name: Paris
fly her in from paris show her how you've been treating me no she won't be angry a boy's got to be what a boy's got to be

sleep then when your conscience tells you nothing's wrong and hold on to your baby she'll never hear this song

fly her in from paris show her how you've been touching me no, she won't be bitter the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

and some nights when you're dreaming i know you'll remember me but hold on to your baby there's such thing as loyalty
Track Name: Reclaim
i understand that you need someone give anything to believe someone throw up your hands when you grieve undone is this what you've become?

baby, i've heard that you've lost your mind it's nothing that anyone else can help you find i know he planted the seed, but it's time that you weed and leave the dead grass behind

i know it kills you to know we don't always reap what we sow and we don't always get to keep what we find

sister, i've seen your eyes i know your pain there's nothing you have to say no need to explain i wish i could help you here, but all i can do is be near and only time can replace the strain

i can only give you words i know it's hard and it hurts but mother it doesn't always rain
Track Name: Sent Away
i sent you away but i could feel you coming back you can't have a holiday when you've got nothing

you're on the outside now how does it feel? you never wanted to hurt someone but you did it

ask how much i remember almost nothing there's a place on the inside to crawl never gotten this close to something just to get nothing at all

you're on the outside now how does it feel? you could have left it alone but you didn't

you know you'll never get my permission i'll give you less than you ask for so, how does it feel when i send you away?
Track Name: Where Is The Exit
heels crush you slide i've left a pool of you swimming inside leave us to find i've made a fool of you for wasting my time

where is the exit? is there a way out of here? show me the exit when does the real disappear?

gave up your hide and i can't get skin for you --not that i've tried since you don't mind i've taken things from you that you'll never find

where is the exit? is there a way out of here? show me the exit when does the real disappear?

it's what you wanted
Track Name: Under The Skin
you became him suddenly scrape the door you can leave quietly and if my fear subsides maybe i can get some rest finally and make pretend it didn't mean that much to me

stale; the air don't think the night has ever felt so dead to me it's not your fault you tried to be all you could be

sometimes something living barely under the skin can make it crawl so surprising when you thought there was nothing at all
Track Name: Choices
come down i think it's getting clearer now there aren't enough years left to sleep away the days i picked a flower that wouldn't die unleashed a power gave me wings to fly (and now i know why)

i've made choices

speak up or no one's going to hear you when you say there aren't enough voices left to sing all the songs i've seen you come and i've seen you cry forgive the circumstance that makes you lie (and now i know why)

i've made choices

now i'm starting to understand --won't follow a master plan you've got to follow a dream sometimes got to listen to what's inside

i've made choices